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Want to kick-start your career as a junior? Or move up the ladder as a veteran? Or maybe pivot to new technology or career path? We might have the right opportunity for you. Below are the open positions at Xiico Software Solutions. (In case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced Zee-co.)

Business Developer Executive
Experience: 1-2+ Years
Full-Stack Web Developer (Any Tech Stack)
Experience: 3+ Years
Prefer: Vue.js + Laravel
Front-End Web Developer
Experience: Internee | Fresh Graduate
Back-End Web Developer
Experience: Internee | Fresh Graduate
MEVN Stack Developer
Experience: 4+ Years
Mobile App Developer
Experience: Internee | Fresh Graduate
UI / UX Designer
Experience: 2+ Years
MERN Stack Developer
Experience: 4+ Years
QA Engineer
Experience: 2+ Years

Things To Remember!

Before applying, please remember to answer the below questions, attach your updated Resume/CV, and send it to career@xiico.net.

How do your skills and experiences align with the requirements of your selected role?
What unique contributions do you believe you can bring to our team?

Steps To Follow

Select your position

Answer the questions

Attach your resume/cv

Send us and stay tuned!

Our Interesting Environment

Empowerment Fuels Our Growth

Our significant growth over the past decade is attributed to our people. We firmly believe in fostering growth by providing the right opportunities, environment, and support. Discover what awaits you as part of our dynamic team.

Develop A Career You Love

At Xiico, your journey goes beyond the job—it's about building a rewarding career. Our company culture emphasizes personal and professional development, supporting your goals through promotions, mentoring, training, and even career transitions.

Impactful Work, Meaningful Results

Passion drives us to create products that make a meaningful impact globally. This commitment shapes both our work ethic and our choice of clients. Joining the Xiico team means engaging in substantial projects that truly make a difference.

Top Technologies and Tools

We really mean it when we say we're driven by technology. This ensures the creation and delivery of world-class products for our clients. Join us to gain hands-on experience and dive into market-leading technologies and trends.

Looking For Perks?

If you’ve landed here straight away, consider yourself in our good books already.
Work flexibility

At Xiico, we place people and productivity above policies. Our intentionally crafted environment empowers our team to excel in their work, prioritizing both performance and well-being.

Create Your Personal Brand

"Ready to share your tech expertise with the world? Eager to establish your personal brand? We invite you to contribute to our company blog (hint: there's nothing like seeing your name under an article). And don’t worry if you’re not the most skilled writer; our content team will polish your articles to read like Hemingway."

Open Office Space

“Human beings weren’t meant to sit in little cubicles, staring at computer screens all day.” These words from Peter Gibbons (Office Space, 1999) hit us really hard. Inspired by this quote, we initiated a change. Say goodbye to cramped cubicles — welcome to a modern, aesthetically pleasing, and socially engaging open office space.

Bountiful Beverages

At Xiico, drinking beverages is more than a pastime. Whether you consider them your fuel or ambrosia. Mad about drinks, join our team but before that, choose your poison: tea, coffee, or kahwah?

Want to apply for a position that is not listed?

Send your resume/cv and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we have a vacancy.